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Here at Bacchus Marsh District Massage Therapy my aim is to alleviate the aches and pains that are caused due to poor posture, over use, under use, sports injuries or a combination of these.

After restoring the muscle to its normal use I look to maintenance treatments to help prevent future problems.

I enjoy being able to see clients improve with treatments which ultimately lead to a better quality in the clients lives and the ability to complete those everyday jobs easier.

I am a sport fanatic and enjoy all aspects associated with athletic performance and how they get the maximum out of their bodies. I take satisfaction from returning an athlete to their sport from injury and helping them get the best out of their body.

With our lifestyles not helping our posture, resulting in back and shoulder pain, I put in place a treatment program that helps rectify posture problems enabling the client to carry out their everyday tasks easier and to enjoy the social activities better.

So whether you are an elite athlete, a social sports person, a gym fanatic or an every-day mum or dad, I look forward to helping you get back or maintain your body.

We are located at 1 Park St Maddingley (Royale Fitness Gym).



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