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Posted 11/2/2019

3 Ways to recover from chronic muscle conditions


Do you suffer from a chronic condition?

Is massage enough to help you feel better?


The simple answer is NO. It will certainly help but unless you are doing stretches and strengthening, you will not get the full benefits of the massage.


With a chronic condition you need to reverse the tightness and restriction that a muscle has developed over a period of time, this is done with

  1. a daily routine of stretching exercises that will gradually restore the muscle to its normal length and optimal use.
  2. Strengthening exercises 2-3 times per week that will build the necessary muscle strength to enable you to perform.
  3. Massage will help you get the muscle there quicker by getting rid of old blood and toxins that build up in muscle fibres and replace them with fresh blood to help with the recovery process.


If a muscle is not working to its full potential, then another muscle or muscles must pick up this workload resulting in them becoming tired and sore. This cascades out of control until either the soreness becomes too much or one of the muscles in fact tears.


A massage will be highly beneficial to your recovery by not only helping with the affected muscle but also those that have been working hard trying to make up the shortfall.


An expected treatment plan for a chronic condition would be 3-4 treatments over a six week period, followed by a treatment every 5-6 weeks to ensure that all is fine and to reinvigorate those muscles that need it. Of course this all dependant on you doing your stretching and strengthening exercises, they are what will get you feeling better over a period of time, a massage will certainly help you feel better in the short term but your exercises will give you the long term benefits.


So, don’t put up with tightness and soreness, you are more than likely causing more long term damage to that part of the body.

Book in for a massage so we can get things moving in the right direction.

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